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Overton indexes documents from government agencies, Think Tanks and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). The documents may be a website, PDF or other document. Types of documents Overton searches include:

  • Government documents
  • White papers
  • Hearing transcripts
  • Committee reports
  • Position Statements
  • Policy briefs
  • Educational materials
  • Clinical guidelines
  • Blog posts (LSE Impact blogs)

You can search Overton by Policy documents, People and Scholarly Documents. 

Click on the links below from the Overton Help pages, to see how to get started searching for each.

Run a search for policy documents on a topic

Run a search for People.

Run a search for scholarly documents.

For more instructions on how to use the Overton database, watch the video below or browse their Knowledge Base.

Overton provides some guidance on the responsible use of the metrics from their database.



QUT users only: The three videos at the bottom of the page are cut from a webinar on Overton. They include how to do a basic search, how to search for scholarly documents using digital identifiers and how to search for people using name variations. More videos from the webinar are available on MediaHub. (QUT login required).