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Altmetric Explorer

Altmetric Explorer

Altmetric Explorer is a Digital Science product that tracks attention to or mentions of research outputs with an identifier (such as a DOI, ISBN, etc) in mainstream media, social media, policy, and other sources. It is an accompaniment to traditional metrics and other measures of impact and engagement. (QUT staff and students only). 

Items are given an attention score which appears in a circle or donut. The colours of the donut reflect the different kind of attention. 











The score is calculated using a complex algorithm based on sources (mentions in news media have a greater weighting than a blog post and a blog post more than a tweet), volume (only counts 1 mention per person, per source) and the author of the mention (an academic tweeting a link to colleagues is weighted higher than a journal account sending automatic tweets) giving different weighting to different types of attention. Read more about How the altmetric score is calculated

This short video from QUT will show you how to use Altmetric Explorer. Login required.

QUT Media Hub - Finding Metrics: Getting started with Altmetric Explorer

To search using a list of DOIs (digital object identifiers), see the instructions here.