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Managing your author profiles

Why manage your author profiles?

Many citation tools automatically generate author profiles.  It is important to check these profiles are accurate before you start the process of finding your publication metrics.  Any updates to your author profile will take time to be processed, so do this early if you are planning to apply for a grant or promotion.


While ORCID does not generate any metrics, it links to a number of tools that do, including Scopus, Web of Science and The Lens.  You can also use it to search in tools such as Altmetric Explorer.  One of the simplest ways to keep it up to date, while you're at QUT is to link your ORCID to Pure.

Learn more about ORCID and linking to Pure

For more information about ORCID or, if you need any advice on matters related to populating your profile, please contact your Liaison Librarian or the Office for Scholarly Communication