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Economic Impact

NHRMC Investigator Grant Guidelines 2022 describe economic impact as:

Improvements in the nation’s economic performance through creation of new industries, jobs or valuable products, or reducing health care costs, improving efficiency in resource use, or improving the welfare/well-being of the population within current health system resources. An economic impact may also contribute to social or health impacts, including human capital gains and the value of life and health.

The below examples are taken from the Guidelines, and are not an exhaustive list.  Only examples where we have identified a search tool have been included. For a full list of examples, see the Guidelines.

Product Development

Example Tool to assist in finding evidence Help
A research contract with an industry partner and an active collaboration Google Analytics Getting started with Google Analytics
Granting of a patent

The Lens



Patent Search Analysis



Google Patents  
AusPat Help
Successful exit from start-up company (public market flotation, merger or acquisition)

Australian Stock Exchange


Wikipedia list of international stock exchanges  
Successful generation or submission of:
  • a regulatory standard data set
  • applications for pre-market approval of a medical device
  • a new drug or device for registration (e.g. by Food and Drug Administration, European Medicines Agency, Therapeutic Goods Administration)

Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia)



Food and Drug Administration (USA)  
European Medicine Agency