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Equations, converters and calculators

Interactive equations & graphs

• Discover hundreds of practical equations and worked examples, use the built-in Equation Solver to calculate, and export your calculation(s) for reports or sharing knowledge.
• Create a worksheet from scratch by combining text, math, images, and plots. Have easy one-click access to a toolbox containing math functions, engineering units, programming structures, and math symbols used in engineering formulas.

Unit converters

Access to approximately 1,000 built-in units for use with over 80 engineering properties. You can save and access user-created units, mark and sort favorite units, and create your own default settings.


Streamline calculations that are time-consuming to perform by hand, but not so complicated as to necessitate using a specialized software program. Embed the relevant formulas directly into Excel workbooks, then enter input data and quickly get the answer you seek within a software program that you already use every day. Direct links to the source content and additional related material are provided in the spreadsheets for all calculations.

Video illustrations of principles, methods, formulas & more

Video illustrations of Roarks' Formulas for Stress and Strain, Schaum's problems, Perry's handbooks and many more.

Finite element method explained