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Poster Showcase Day

Faculty of Engineering Poster Showcase is scheduled for:


Friday the 17th of February 2023
10:00 am to 12:00 noon
The Gibson Room, GP-Z1064, Level 10, Z Block, QUT Gardens Point Campus 

What to expect on the poster showcase day

This event will showcase all Faculty of Engineering VRES projects.
This is the important occasion where VRES scholars share their summer's achievements via a conference poster presentation.
Using their poster slide as a presentation aid VRES scholars will demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of their research topic and share their findings with an audience. 
There is an expectation that all VRES scholars will actively participate (as both presenter and audience) for the duration of the poster showcase session.
Please clear your diary of any other commitments for the scheduled morning Friday 17th of February 2023.
Subjects: Architecture and built environment, Engineering / Aerospace engineering, Engineering / Chemical process engineering, Engineering / Civil engineering, Engineering / Computer and software systems engineering, Engineering / Electrical engineering, Engineering / Mechanical engineering, Engineering / Mechatronics engineering, Engineering / Medical engineering
Tags: Engineering Research, Engineering VRES, QUT VRES, Vacation Research Experience Scheme, VRES