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VRES Deliverables

Deliverable One: PowerPoint file

Submission of a Powerpoint file with 2 slides that summarise and present your VRES project findings:

  • Slide 1 - A digital poster in the style of a conference poster. Every student must prepare a unique digital poster, even if their project was group based. 
  • Slide 2 - A 200-300 word abstract.

Due date: 7th February, 2024

Deliverable Two: Pitch

A face-to-face, 2-3 minute pitch of your research findings at the VRES Showcase. 

Due date: 14th February 2024.

Judging Criteria

  1. Quality of the abstract (does it contain all necessary elements such as background, research problem, aim of the study, methods of the study, findings, implications)
  2. Digital poster structure and mandatory requirements (are all the key elements there including title, author, supervisor names, contains the text 'QUT Faculty of Engineering VRES 2023-2024 Showcase', references, poster is in landscape orientation)
  3. Quality of the story (does the digital poster convey a clear and logical account of the problem, its importance and a method to tackle it?)
  4. Progress made to date (does the digital poster describe the findings of the project, or is it describing work that is still ongoing and planned?)
  5. Quality of the poster (is it eye catching and draws you in, is there a good mix of graphics and text?)
Subjects: Architecture and built environment, Engineering / Aerospace engineering, Engineering / Chemical process engineering, Engineering / Civil engineering, Engineering / Computer and software systems engineering, Engineering / Electrical engineering, Engineering / Mechanical engineering, Engineering / Mechatronics engineering, Engineering / Medical engineering
Tags: Engineering Research, Engineering VRES, QUT VRES, Vacation Research Experience Scheme, VRES