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Citing Images, Diagrams & Tables

Citing Figures, Tables & Data

APA - Citing Figures, Tables & Images
  • All tables and figures require a caption. A caption may be used to summarise or highlight certain elements or features of the table or figure.
  • If the table or figure is adapted, edited or changed in any way from the original source, the citation underneath must clearly indicate this with the inclusion of the text 'Adapted from' between the caption and the citation to the original source.
  • ​Use sequential numbering for Tables & Figures (Diagrams, Graphics etc.) using separate consecutive numbering for Tables and Figures
             ​For example:Table 1, Table 2, Table 3 ....

                      Figure 1, Figure 2 ....

  • Any external datasets used in the creation of tables / figures / diagrams / graphs must be cited.
    See the
    APA blog for more information.
Figure Citation Example  

an example of a figure reference image showing correct formatting for a heading and a caption


Original source: "Misleading axis" by David Wees (licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2)

Note: The addition of a figure number, a caption and 

citation prefix in the form of  'Adapted from' to denote 

the  incorporation of this figure from an external source

See Cite|Write for more detail.

Table Citation Example

Note: Different item designation (i.e Table 1), numbering and formatting used.


See Cite|Write for more detail.

Table Citation Example

Note: Numerical or textual data drawn from a published source requires a citation.

See the APA Style Blog for further guidance.

See Cite|Write for more detail.

IEEE Citation Rules for Figures, Tables & Data
  • Tables are numbered and labeled in capital letters ABOVE the table, with the title centered. Figures are numbered and labeled BELOW the illustration. 
  • A citation underneath the table or figure is required for all Tables or Figures reproduced from other sources.
  • If the Figure or Table has been edited or changed the citation for the caption should have the prefix, "Adapted from" added before the citation source number.
  • Figure citations in text may carry the abbreviation “Fig.” followed by the figure number and can either A. include the source number in square brackets e.g  Fig. 1. [13]  or  B.  exclude the source number so that it is present in the figure caption (as in example below).
  • Captions may be devised to label and refer to specific elements, parts or objects depicted in the figure. A uniform notation such as (a),(b),(c) is required to distinguish each label or part referred to (see example below).
  • For more guidance see cite|write

IEEE  Table Citation  (Table referenced from an external source)

Example of a referenced table to an external source


  • The table numbering and centred title in

capital letters ABOVE the table.

  • The numerical source reference and

page number appended to table title as

a pinpoint.

IEEE Figure Format

Example Figure formatted in IEEE Style


The abbreviation for the designation 'Figure'

and the caption BELOW the figure.

IEEE Figure Citation (Figure referenced and edited / changed from an external source)

Wind Turbines by Rob Faulkner

     Fig. — Wind Turbine Adapted from [2]


The abbreviation for the designation 'Figure',

the em dash after the figure number and the caption

placed BELOW the figure)


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