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Find Fulltext enabled by DOI Links

Follow the DOI to find the Full-Text (in HTML & PDF formats)

Authenticated Access to Electronic Resources subscribed to by QUT Library

On-campus database users automatically authenticate into remotely-hosted, subscribed full-text bibliographic databases because their computer connection address emanates from QUT's IP range. 

QUT Library has however configured access to most subscribed databases to allow you to access the full-text of documents (in a seamless manner) regardless of whether you are physically present on-campus; or are working from off-campus. Providing that you commenced your search from QUT Library pages and have correctly cached your QUT Access username and password (single sign-on credentials) into your browser then QUT Library's OpenAthens configuration will give you remote access to our subscribed content.

Find out more about obtaining the full text of a document from QUT Library's page entitled: Start your research on the web?

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a string of numbers, letters and symbols used to permanently identify an individual article, paper or document and link it across the web. A DOI allows you to easily locate the full-text of a document.


Persistent URL (PURL)

The other method of linking to the full-text from a citation (indexing and abstracting) database is via a link to the publishers' persistent URL for that document. 

It is common to see both linking methods embraced in the online citation for a paper. 


Links to Full-Text

Illustrated (above): Journal citation in Ei Compendex showing links to full-text of the article on the publisher platform.


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