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Pitching is about persuading an audience to accept an idea. Researchers pitch all the time to attract research partners, funding, participants, publishers, awards, media coverage, and community support for their topic.

For VRES, you will pitch your project to a room of people from diverse backgrounds (various engineering, architecture, built environment disciplines; staff and students). You goal is to convince this diverse audience that:

  • Your project topic is important and relevant to their lives.
  • The work you've done during VRES is making a valuable contribution to the topic.


Note: Your pitch will cover the same points as your abstract, however you will use more conversational languageemphasise your project's relevance to everyday people. You will use your digital poster as a visual aid as you pitch your project.

In 2-3 minutes, you will cover: 

Why is your field of research important?

  • Relevance to audience?
  • Background and problem?

What was your specific topic for VRES?

  • Project aims?

How did you research your topic?

  • Methods?
  • Results?

Why is your VRES project important?

  • Contributions to the field?
  • Implications/next steps for future research or practice?


Example 1: 

Title: How to solve the traffic congestion problem: A predictive process [3:09]

Speaker: Chintan Sanjeev Advani, QUT Faculty of Engineering postgraduate researcher

This example is annotated to show the structure of Chintan's pitch.

Example 2: 

Title: The breaking point of concentrated solar power plants [3:09]

Speaker: Elaizar Luker, QUT Faculty of Engineering postgraduate researcher

This example is annotated to show qualities of great pitches.

Subjects: Architecture and built environment, Engineering / Aerospace engineering, Engineering / Chemical process engineering, Engineering / Civil engineering, Engineering / Computer and software systems engineering, Engineering / Electrical engineering, Engineering / Mechanical engineering, Engineering / Mechatronics engineering, Engineering / Medical engineering
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