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Narration - Record a Narration

Record Your Narration

How to record:

When it comes to the technology for pre-recording your poster narration, there are many options.

Two user friendly options that we recommend are:


Tips for recording your audio:

1. Find a cool, quiet place with minimal peripheral noise. Your inbuilt computer mic will pick up all the noise in your room including the ceiling fan, the clicking of your mouse, and the birds, dogs, and passing cars in your neighborhood.

2. Write notes or even a full script and set at a comfortable eyeline. However, be wary - listening to someone read is boring! So make sure that your spoken delivery sounds natural and conversational.

3. Practice! Rehearse your pitch until you are comfortable. Get to know the words or phrases that you stumble on repeatedly. Think about re-wording those sections. 

4. Take a sip of a drink before you record to avoid having a dry mouth or "smacking" lips. Fruit juice is particularly good for this.

5. Speak slowly and clearly. Open your mouth to about the width of 2 fingers between your top and bottom teeth. Do some mouth and lips stretches before you attempt your recording and warm up your voice by humming or singing softly.