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Abstract - Write Your Precis

What to Write In Your Poster Abstract

Write a 200 - 300 word abstract for your poster.

This is a precis of the content that your poster will cover; the nature of the research performed, the research method used and the preliminary results of the research.

Your abstract is also a marketing and promotion tool that will draw an audience to your poster presentation.

Your abstract should:

  • Adopt an objective, scientific, and informative tone;
  • Provide a clear and concise, grammatically correct summary;
  • Give a stylistically uniform treatment of the subject;
  • Provide a rationale or justification for why the study was performed;
  • Give a brief account of the purpose, need, and significance of the investigation;
  • Give a brief account of the research method;
  • State results succinctly;
  • Be accurate and exact. Quote specific numbers and measures (where applicable) and avoid use of vague or imprecise terms, especially in presenting the method and reporting the results;
  • Outline conclusions or recommendations (if any);
  • Not cite references.


Subjects: Architecture and built environment, Engineering / Aerospace engineering, Engineering / Chemical process engineering, Engineering / Civil engineering, Engineering / Computer and software systems engineering, Engineering / Electrical engineering, Engineering / Mechanical engineering, Engineering / Mechatronics engineering, Engineering / Medical engineering
Tags: Engineering Research, Engineering VRES, QUT VRES, Vacation Research Experience Scheme, VRES