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Fashion Theory & Research

Fashion Trends
Introducing fashion theory : from androgyny to Zeitgeist
Fashion Theology
Crossing Gender Boundaries: fashion to create, disrupt and transcend
Fashion Thinking: Creative approaches to the design process
Staging Fashion: The Fashion Show and Its Spaces
Adornment: what self-decoration tells us about who we are
Revisiting the gaze: the fashioned body and the politics of looking Series
Communicating Fashion Brands: theoretical and practical perspectives
Libertine fashion: sexual freedom, rebellion, and style
Crafting anatomies: archives, dialogues, fabrications
Digital research methods in fashion and textile studies
Doing Research in Fashion and Dress (2nd ed.)
Fashion Marketing and Communication: theory and practice across the fashion industry

Industry Insights & Technical Skills

Draping: the Complete Course
Cut Protective Textiles
Sustainable Technologies for Fashion and Textiles
Sourcing Ideas for Textile Design: Researching Colour, Surface, Structure, Texture and Pattern
Fashion and Textile Design with Photoshop and Illustrator
Fashion Design: a guide to the industry and the creative process
Latest Material and Technological Developments for Activewear
Costing for the Fashion Industry
Strategizing Against Sweatshops: the global economy, student activism, and worker empowerment
Aboriginal Screen Printed Textiles from Australia's Top End

Global Fashion

Fashioning China: Precarious Creativity and Women Designers in Shanzhai Culture
Styling Shanghai
MeXicana Fashions
Japan Beyond the Kimono
Carnival to Catwalk
Labor, Global Supply Chains, and the Garment Industry in South Asia
Labor and Creativity in New York's Global Fashion Industry
Fashion and materiality: cultural practices in global contexts

Fashion History

Fashion and Class
Patternmaking history and theory
Mongol Court Dress, Identity Formation, and Global Exchange
Dressed for war : the story of Vogue editor Audrey Withers, from the Blitz to the swinging sixties
How to read a suit: a guide to changing men's fashion from the 17th to the 20th century
Paris Fashion and World War Two: global diffusion and Nazi control
Madame Weigel's patterns: 1878-1950
Historical Pattern Archive: womens's clothing 1837-1969
Back in Fashion: Western fashion from the middle ages to the present
Power Mode: the force of fashion