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Finding cases

To find a case by citation or on a topic start your research in the Caselaw Research (Australia) Guide.

This includes the list of Common case abbreviations and tools for Searching for abbreviations.

Legal Databases to Locate Cases

  • CaseBase (via Lexis Advance Research)
    A case citator covering all 56 major Australian law reports back to volume one and also includes CCH, Authorised Reports (UK), Weekly Law Reports, Lloyd's Law Reports and the New Zealand Law Reports. It also covers unreported judgments from the High Court of Australia, Federal Court, Superior Courts of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory, as well as Industrial Courts, Equal Opportunities Tribunal and Superannuation Complaints Tribunal.
  • CCH IntelliConnect 
    Case law and looseleaf services covering a range of practice areas including Business Law, Employment and HR, Environment, Family Law, GST, Industrial Relations, Intellectual Property, Occupational Health and Safety plus more.
  • Lexis Advance Research (including Practical Guidance)
    Australian legal materials including key Australian Law reports and unreported judgments. Includes the Practical Guidance database: Practical Guidance includes guidance notes, commentary, checklists, precedents, forms, cases and legislation written by expert lawyers covering the practice areas: Employment, Family Law and General Counsel.
  • Westlaw (Australia) Cases 
    Search for or browse Australian cases by series, jurisdiction or practice area. Use the KeyCite citation research service to help verify whether the case is still good law and to find citing references by using KeyCite FlagsKeyCite History and KeyCite Citing References. For further detail see Westlaw (Australia) - KeyCite Guide.


  • ICLR Online 
    All law reports published by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales (ICLR) since 1865. Law reports series include Appeal Cases, Queen's Bench, King's Bench, Chancery Division and Family Division. Includes CitatorPlus - a database of information about the subject matter, history, judicial consideration and current status of cases, including not just cases reported by ICLR but also the All England Law Reports, Lloyd’s Law Reports, Criminal Appeal Reports, Local Government Reports, Road Traffic Reports and Tax Cases.
  • Westlaw (International Materials) 
    Primary and secondary legal material covering US, Canada, UK, EU plus Australia. Also provides access to Keycite.
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