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Citing and referencing using AGLC4

Why AGLC4?

Referencing is essential in academic writing. You need to reference to:

  • acknowledge the use of others' ideas
  • help your readers find the original works that you have used
  • support your arguments
  • show readers the depth and quality of your reading and research
  • avoid plagiarism.

The AGLC (Australian Guide to Legal Citation) provides Australia with a uniform system of legal citation. The AGLC outlines established citation practices and indicates preferred approaches where no particular approach has been widely adopted. It is designed for academics, legal practitioners, law students and the judiciary, and is a valuable tool for legal writing and research. 

QUT cite|write

cite_write screen

QUT cite|write is a complete resource designed to assist you to cite, reference and write well at university.

AGLC4 & QUT cite|write

Subjects: Law
Tags: Corporate Law, LLH305, LLH305 Corporate Law