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Locating information resources

Law Sources

Once you understand the task of writing a research essay you may now want to search for identifying relevant:

  • secondary materials, that is, materials about the law (eg, journal articles and books); then 
  • primary materials are the law (eg, statutory provisions, professional Rules and case law).


Consider the additional literature relevant to your topic.

  1. Identify the types of sources you will need to find, e.g. you may need to search for peer-reviewed journal articles, books or book chapters, conference papers, and relevant websites. 
  2. Identify your keywords and refine your search terms. Use the Finding the right information page to see how to do this.
  3. Identify which databases are most relevant to your topic. Check out the law databases

Library Search

Search across almost all of the library's fulltext articles, ebooks, books and more.

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