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Parliamentary Papers

A Parliamentary Paper is any document which has been tabled in Parliament, then ordered to be printed and made available to the public as a printed paper, and can include reports from various committees, findings of Royal Commissions, annual reports for government departments and subordinated legislation. 

Commonwealth Parliament of Australia - Tabled Papers
Queensland Queensland Parliament - Tabled Papers
New South Wales Parliament of New South Wales - Hansard & House Papers
Victoria Parliament of Victoria - Parliamentary Papers Database
Western Australia Parliament of Western Australia - Tabled Papers
South Australia Parliament of South Australia - Tabled Papers & Petitions

Parliament of Tasmania

Click 'Entire Site' and select Parliamentary Papers

Northern Territory Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory - Tabled Papers
Australian Capital Territory ACT Legislative Assembly - Tabled Papers

Note: Availability of digitised versions of Parliamentary Papers varies by jurisdiction. If you need assistance locating a hard copy of a parliamentary paper, please contact the Law Library or ask at our helpdesk.

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