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Finding Legislation

Australian legislation online

Online versions of legislation are freely accessible via the official Government websites. These are where you will find the authorised and most up-to-date versions of the legislation

Australian legislation databases

The following databases are recommended when searching for legislation on a topic or when tracking the history of a piece of legislation:

  • Law One via Timebase  (QUT Library subscription database)
    Contains full text legislation across all Australian jurisdictions, and includes Bills, Explanatory Memoranda and Hansard along with detailed legislative histories 
  • ‚ÄčLawNow Legislation via LexisNexis AU  (QUT Library subscription database)
    Search or browse for legislation from all Australian jurisdictions, includes Bills, Explanatory Memoranda and Secondary Reading Speeches, as well as links to cases and judicial consideration. 
  • AustLII 
    A database containing legislation for all Australian jurisdictions. This database allows you to 'note up'  (i.e. find cases applying or interpreting a statutory provision)
  • LawLex 
    A portal for searching all Australian jurisdictions, including explanatory memoranda and Hansard
  • Queensland Law Collection (QUT Digital Collection)
    The Queensland Law Collection contains historical Queensland legislation and other legal materials relating to Queensland, including Statute Reprints (1962-1992) and the Public Acts of Queensland 1828-1936
  • Queensland Statutes (1962 Reprints) 

Classified and annotated reprint of the Public Acts of Queensland 1828-1962. Digitised version available from the Supreme Court Library of Queensland website.


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