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Effective Searching

Web search engines are useful in finding Government reports, resources from industry, and professional organisations. But check out the domain to understand the purpose of the site. A .com site is commercial and is designed to sell a product and/or company, or is providing a space for anyone to publish (e.g. a blog) without editing or reference to research.

Use the Advanced Search options in Google to:

  • Search by file type - i.e. PDF (documents without intro web page content)
  • Search by domain - i.e. (useful for locating government reports)
  • Search by date

To see many other ways of refining your search in Google, view the short video below.

Want to learn more about Google's Advanced Search? The 'Do an Advanced Search on Google' page from Google Support provides step-by-step instructions for webpages, files, images, videos, and even books!

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