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Corporate Actions


Where to find data about loans, mergers & acquisitions, IPOs, company announcements, and poison pills


Connect 4
  • Connect 4 includes the following 5 modules that dal with corporate actions including IPO and M&A activity:
    • Takeovers & Mergers: Track and analyse takeovers and mergers including bidder & target information, deal status, deal value, break fees and directors recommendation. 
    • New issues: provides data and documents on capital raisings. Includes details of market price on listing, closing price and closing price after three months and professional fees. Relevant dates are also included and provide the date announced, date of lodgement, closing date, and the date of listing. 
    • Expert Reports: Provides specialist reports which have been produced on behalf of ASX Listed companies. The Expert reports which comprise this collection deal with topics such as: Mergers/Schemes, Acquisitions, Divestments, Capital Reductions, Buybacks, Reconstructions, De-mergers or one word/ spin offs, Takeovers, Dual Listings, and Spin Offs.  
    • Bidder & Target statements
    • Prospectuses
  • Coverage: Australia
  • Period: Mergers & takeovers: 1997-present; New issues 1988-present; Expert reports 1992-present, Bidder & target statements 1997-present; Prospectuses 1994-present.
  • Access: Connect 4
Refinitiv EIKON (including Datastream for Office)
  • Description: EIKON comprises two distinct data sources - Datastream and Worldscope amongst other source financial markets database that provides access to real time market data, economic and business news, analytics and trading tools
  • Coverage: Global
  • Period: As per data type, market & instrument  - circa 1980s for emerging markets.
  • Access: via Refinitiv EIKON (including Datastream for Office)
Subjects: Business / Accountancy, Business / Economics and finance
Tags: announcements, company earnings, credit markets, deals, debt, financial markets, indices, market index, risk, trading platform