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Company Financials


Where to find annual reports, filings and company financials


Computstat North America
  • Description: Compustat North America is a database of U.S. and Canadian fundamental and market information on active and inactive publicly held companies. It provides more than 300 annual and 100 quarterly Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, and supplemental data items. 
  • Coverage: US. and Canada
  • Period: Annual history 1950 -present; Quarterly history 1962-present; Monthly market history 1962-present
  • Access: via WRDS


Compustat Global
  • Description: CompustatGlobal covers active and inactive publicly held companies outside North America. More than 34,000 companies are covered in standardised reports.
  • Coverage: Global
  • Period: 1987-present 
  • Access: via WRDS


Morningstar Datanalysis Premium
  • Description: Provides information on all Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed and delisted companies and is updated daily from relevant ASX announcements. It includes information that was previously available via Aspect Fin Analysis.
  • Coverage: Australia
  • Access: Morningstar DatAnalysis Premium 


Orbis via Bureau van Dijk
  • Description: Contains information on mainly private companies globally. Over 99% of companies in Orbis are private. Provides information on individual companies, or to filter companies that meet selected financial, geographic or operating criteria. Incudes standardised company financials, original filings/images, credit risk, financial strength indicators, ESG, PEPs and sanctions information, private equity data and portfolios. 
    • Orbis Europe Around 86 million companies
    • Orbis Americas Around 53 million companies
    • Orbis Asia-Pacific Around 55 million companies
  • Coverage: Global
  • Access: Orbis (private companies)  or via WRDS
  • More information: Click here for a data overview


Osiris via Bureau van Dijk
  • Description: Information on oer 80,000 global listed, delisted and unlisted companies, including Australian companies. Data available includes: standardised and "as reported" company financials, SEC filings, ratings, corporate actions and dividends, earnings estimates, directors and contacts, annual and interim reports and CSR documents, stock data, corporate structures, market research, M&A deals and rumours. 
  • Coverage: Global
  • Period: Varies
  • Access:  Osiris (public companies) or via WRDS
  • More information: click here for a data overview


Refinitiv EIKON (including Datastream for Office) 
  • Description: A combination of information, analytics and news on all the major financial markets.
    • Provides Standardized and As Reported financial statement data – both interim and annual – along with per-share data, calculated financial ratios, company profile information, security data, Officers & Directors and market content for over 90,000 issuers. 
      • Period: North America 1983+; ex-North America 1997+. For interim data North America 1989+; ex-North America 2000+
    • Filings: international filings coverage includes all U.S. and global exchanges, including partial coverage of private companies, U.S. municipal bonds and fixed-income related documents. Includes 65,000 global companies from 
  • Coverage: Global
  • Access: Refinitiv EIKON (including Datastream for Office) 


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