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Corporate Governance


Where to find audit information, boards & directors, executive compensation, governance, ESG, CSR and ownership information.


Audit Analytics
  • Description:   Access detailed audit information on over 1,200 accounting firms and 15,000 publicly registered companies. Audit and Compliance datasets covers all SEC registrants and is used daily  for market intelligence, due diligence, compliance monitoring and trend analysis. Corporate + Legal Modules are an integrated collection of databases focused on actions, disclosures and correspondence by companies, advisors, regulators and investors.
  • Coverage: U.S.
  • Period: Annual history 1950 -present; Quarterly history 1962-present; Monthly market history 1962-present
  • Access: via WRDS


Audit Analytics Europe
  • Description: Audit Analytics Europe covers public companies listed on European exchanges (EEA & Switzerland), and includes auditor, tenure, and audit fee information. This database also extracts and normalizes entities as disclosed in the transparency reports of each audit firm by member state.
  • Coverage: Europe
  • Period: Auditor changes 2013-present, Audit fees 2014-present, audit opinions 2013-present, transparency reports 2011-present
  • Access: via WRDS


  • Description: Provides extensive data on the boards of publicly listed and notable private companies in all regions of the world. Includes individual profiles, organization summaries, compensation analysis, committee details, company profiles, announcements, and networks/associations
  • Coverage: North America, Europe, United Kingdom, Rest of the World
  • Period: 1999-present
  • Access: via WRDS
Connect 4
  • Description: Connect 4's BoardRoom is a database of Directors and Senior Executives of Australian Stock Exchange listed companies and focusses on remuneration trends for directors, executives and remuneration consultants. BoardRoom also provides general ASX company information including: Company address, telephone, facsimile, and web site address, industry, business description, revenue, auditors, legal advisors, and bankers.
  • Coverage: Australia 
  • Period: directors and key executive 2004+; remuneration consultant data from 2018+
  • Access: via Connect 4


Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS)

Access Historical Governance, Historical Directors data, Voting Results data, Voting Analytics with N-PX data, Incentive Lab data and Shareholder Proposal data.

  • Data available from ISS inlcudes
    • Incentive Lab (US and Europe): Provides extensive executive compensation performance metrics, goals, and payout structure.
    • Governance Provides data on S&P 1500 companies on classic takeover defense and other corporate governance provisions, including: classified boards, cumulative voting, golden parachutes, poison pills, state takeover laws
    • Directors: Data on directors S&P 1500 companies—range of variables related to individual board directors (e.g., name, age, tenure, gender, committee memberships, primary employer and title, etc)
    • Voting Results: • Analyze vote results at the company and proposal level and identify trends in corporate governance
    • Shareholder proposals: Access proposals that came to a vote as well as those that were withdrawn by the proponent or allowed to be omitted from the proxy by the SEC
  • Coverage:US and Europe
  • Period: Governance 1990-present, Directors 1996-present, Voting results 1997-present, Shareholder proposals 1997-present, Incentive Lab 1998-present, Incentive Lab Europe 2009-present, Voting Analytics 2003-present
  • Access: via WRDS



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