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Assessment 3 - 2016

Assessment 3: Project Proposal (50%) - Overview

As part of a collaborative team, develop and pitch a creative industries project proposal through an oral presentation and written document.
What do we submit?
  1. Oral presentation with supporting visual aids. The presentation will last between 12 and 15 minutes (3-4 minutes each team member) and will be assessed both individually and as a group.
  2. Written documentation of the project proposal. The document will be 2,500-3,000 words. It will outline your project idea, and will persuade your targeted Creative Industries Faculty sponsor that they should give you the seeding funds by drawing upon the creative entrepreneurship success factors. One document will be submitted and you will be assessed as a group. Use the following KKB102 A3 Template.
  3. Peer assessment form which assesses your teamwork throughout the semester. You will be graded individually based on the averaged grades assigned by all of your team members.
What is the scope?:
Your project should:
  • involve at least one area of the creative industries
  • be logically feasible and have an initial, first-stage budget of no more than $2,000
  • run for no more than 12 weeks
You may wish to propose further stages to your project which involve additional funding from other sources, and further activities

Research and writing style

  • You need to cite and reference information QUT Harvard style. More information on Harvard style referencing can be found at 
  • You must use a minimum of six sources (at least 2 academic sources) from a variety of appropriate publication types.  Variety could include: books, ebooks, journal articles, videos, reports, websites, newspaper articles, lecture materials.
  • The majority of your research will be applied research focusing on the opportunity, stakeholder needs and wants, competitors and the resources available. This includes web-based, market research and location visits.


Writing Style and Structure
  • You need to use succinct language appropriate to a business document and a proposal. See QUT Write for help on REPORT writing
  • Use the Assessment 3 template to assist in structuring your proposal

Length and Formatting Requirements

  Formatting - Your assignment should be formatted as follows:
  • A4 white paper, printed on one side only
  • Times New Roman or Arial Font, 11 or 12 point
  • 1.5 line spacing, margins between 2cm - 3cm
  • Follow the Assessment 3 template
  • Front page lists assessment title, topic name and project you have chosen, your name, student number, unit code, tutorial class number and your tutor's name
  • Footer of every page includes your name, student number and page number

Submission guidelines

How do we submit?
In the week your assignment is due:
  • ONE member of your team must submit an EMPTY folder marked assignment 3 to assignment minder before your tutorial.  This will be used to return your team's proposal documentation and group work marking schema once the assessment item is marked.
During your tutorial in the week the assignment is due:
  • Hand your project documentation (one document per group) directly to your tutor
  • Present your pitch to the class
  • Your tutor will give you a peer assessment form to complete and return in class

Key Information