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Assessment 1 - 2016

Assessment 1: Analytical Case Study - Overview

Task: Research a Creative Industries Project from the list. Show how the project demonstrates entrepreneurial success. 
To do this, you need to: 
  • Analyse the project using the 5 creative enterprise success factors 
  • Provide a critical examination of the impact of these factors on the project 
  • Length: Case Study Analysis must be 1000 - 1200 words plus or minus 10%.  
  • Research: minimum of five sources (at least 2 academic sources).
  • Writing Structure: Case Study.
  • Due Date: Friday Week 6.
  • Submission: Online through KKD102 Blackboard site by 11:59pm.

Research, Writing Style and Structure

    • You need to cite and reference information QUT Harvard style. More information on Harvard style referencing can be found at 
    • You must use a minimum of five sources (at least 2 academic sources) from a variety of appropriate publication types to find information about the project you are analysing and also about creative enterprise theory. Variety could include: books, ebooks, journal articles, videos, reports, websites, newspaper articles, lecture materials.
    Writing Style and Structure

    Length and Formatting Requirements

    • Case study analysis must be 1500 words plus or minus 10%
    • All words including direct quotes and in-text references in the body of the analysis are included
    • The cover page and reference list are not included in the word count
      Formatting - Your assignment should be formatted as follows:
    • Either PDF or word format (NOT RTF)
    • Times New Roman or Arial Font, 11 or 12 point
    • 1.5 line spacing, margins between 2cm - 3cm
    • Stapled in top left-hand corner
    • Front page lists assessment title, topic name and project you have chosen, your name, student number, unit code, tutorial class number and your tutor's name
    • Footer of every page includes your name, student number and page number

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