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Finding Judicial Consideration

Judicial Consideration

Checking for judicial consideration involves searching for and finding cases in which a section of an Act has been referred to, considered, or discussed. The sources listed below are useful research tools to help you perform this task. 
Hint: Always check more than one source to ensure your research is thorough.


  • Casebase (via LexisNexis AU) 
    Type search terms into the Act/Regulation field e.g. Corporations Act and the Provision field e.g. 180.
  • FirstPoint (via Westlaw AU) 
    Type search terms into the Legislation Cited (Title) field e.g. Copyright Act and the Legislation Cited (Provision) field e.g. 49
  • LawCite (via AustLII)
    Type the Act name into the Legislation Considered field, and the section number into the Section field
  • Queensland Legal Indices (QLI) Online (via  Supreme Court Library of Queensland)
    QLI will search within Queensland Courts, including the Supreme Court of Queensland and District Courts
    Select Judgement Service, and type search terms into Legislation Cited field eg Criminal Code 663 


Legislation Annotators list Acts alphabetically and provide a history of each Act and its sections. Annotations for each section often include references to cases where the section has been considered.