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Your topic

1. Understand your topic

Before you begin to look for information, understand your topic!

2. Do you need to define a word?

Use a dictionary and/or an encyclopedia! There are many to choose from within the QUT Library databases.

Do you need help?

Remember! If you need help with your research, there are people at QUT Library ready to assist you!

3. Does your topic contain any of the following words?

  • Task words (also known as directive words) indicate what you have to do.
    For example: describe, analyse or evaluate. Explore the task word glossary.
  • Limiting words make your task more specific.
    They include general constraints such as discuss one aspect, what is the main cause, or in the last two years.
  • Keywords or topic words form the basis of your search strategy.
    Think of synonyms for your keywords to help expand your search.


Here is an example:

4. How to analyse your topic

Watch the video below to see an example of step 3.

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