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Finding scholarly information

For specific subject information use databases

The full list of relevant databases can be found on the QUT Library website.

Use Quick Find for multidisciplinary searches

Quick Find searches across almost all of the library's fulltext articles, ebooks, books and more. This means your search will be multidisciplinary and you should specify which profession your are focusing on. If you cannot find information about your particular profession, keep your search broad and extrapolate the knowledge you gain to the specific case you are writing about. Quick Find also searches across newspapers and magazines. Tick the peer reviewed box to ensure you find scholarly journal articles.

Peer review: a definition

Peer review is used in academic publishing to assess the quality of articles submitted for publication. Submitted articles are reviewed by experts in the field who evaluate it for accuracy, validity of research methods and check for originality and novelty. Scholarly articles are peer reviewed.

How to search databases

Use AND to combine major concepts. For example: Communication AND patients


Use OR to search for related terms. For example communication OR “active listening”


Put each bundle of related terms connected by OR in a single search box. Connect the boxes with AND. For example:

The Advanced search in PsycINFO, Medline and CINAHL allows you to limit your search by age groups, gender and research methodologies.