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Law Reform & Govt Publications

Law Reform Commission Publications

Law reform commissions investigate areas of law within a jurisdiction and publish their findings and recommendations for change. Many Australian and New Zealand law reform publications can be accessed via AustLII's Australasian Law Reform Library, but you can visit each commission's website for the most up to date listings.

The Law Library also collects hard copies of publications from the law reform commissions within Australia. They are shelved in subject order within the textbook collection. Ask at the help desk for directions.

Government Publications

The Commonwealth Government offers a search portal to help discover material published by its departments and other agencies, such as reports on inquiries, annual reports and other studies.

The law library also holds print copies of annual reports and other publications by federal government bodies and those of the states. They are shelved at the front of the textbook collection. Ask at the help desk for directions.

Searching for Documents on the Web

Most recently published government and law reform publications can be accessed electronically via a web search.

Advanced Search functionality available in search engines saves time and increases relevancy of results. Try using the Advanced Search options in Google to:

  • Search by file type - eg.  PDF
  • Search by domain - eg. (limits to documents on government sites).
  • Search by date