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More on finding cited cases

Find resources on alternative places to find abbreviations and referencing

Step 1

Start with the case citation. For example, Giannarelli v Wraith (1991) 171 CLR 592

Look up the meaning of the abbreviation within the citation if not already known. Use any of the following  

Example of abbreviation in CaseBase

Step 2

Search the QUT Library via Browse Journal option and use the title of the report series  (or court, commission or tribunal) to find the law report title or court name (for unreported judgments).

  • Law report title. The search results will indicate whether the Library holds the report series online via a database or in print on the Law Library shelves. Use the year/volume, parties' names and page number reference from the citation to find the case in either the online or print version of the report.
  • Court, commission or tribunal name. This will usually result in a link to a website for the court, tribunal or commission. Judgments are usually listed by the year of the judgments. Use the year and other information from the citation to find a copy of the judgment. 

Alternative method for finding court, commission and tribunal decisions on the www

The two step method above may not work for finding unreported caselaw. Recent unreported caselaw is available on court and tribunal websites. For lists of Queensland courts and tribunals, courts in other Australian states and territories, and courts in other countries go to the Queensland Courts website and look for the links to court and tribunal websites.

Citing cases

The QUT Law School requires students to follow the rules for case citation set out in the Australian Guide to Legal Citation ('AGLC'). Written Assessment in the Law School ('WALS') is a legal referencing style guide compiled by the Law School as a starting point for students to use when writing assessment. If you are unable to find the information that you are seeking in WALS, then you should refer to the AGLC.