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Sound Design

Video series: Practitioners on Practice [from Digital Theatre Plus]

Below, Andrea Cox talks Sound Design

Introduction to Sound Design

Professor of Sound Design at the University of California Irvine, Vincent Olivieri, explores the fundamentals of sound design through the lens of his work on the recent play "Safe House" by Keith Josef Adkins.


Sound and Design for Theatre

Join the creative team from Northwestern University's fall production of Rent - director Dominic Missimi, sound designer Joshua Horvath, and music director Ryan Nelson - for a journey through techniques and tools singers use to manipulate their natural voices. [52:31mins]


Mamma Mia! London Behind the Scenes: Part Three - Sound and Automation

Interview with Fabian Petersen (Head of Sound), Katie Weatherley (Deputy Head of Sound), Nick Page (Head of Automation) and Jordan Whyment (Deputy Head of Automation) MAMMA MIA! London. [4:52mins]

Subjects: Creative industries / Acting, drama and technical production
Tags: digital_lighting, directing, entertainment_technology, lighting, lighting_design, scenography, set_design, sound_mixing, stage_management, technical_production, theatre, theatre_production, theatre_technology