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Scenography and Stage Design

Stage, set and scenic design; stage automation and technology

Video series: Practitioners on Practice [from Digital Theatre Plus]

Below, Pamela Howard talks Scenography

Introduction to Set Design

Head of Set Design at the University of California Irvine, Dipu Gupta, explores the fundamentals of set design, asking everything from “what is set design” to “are set designers artists”.


Design: Sets and Lighting

Part 2 of a 10-part series takes an in-depth look at the process of bringing Shrek to Broadway through interviews with the Tony Award®-winning creative team and cast, behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive content you won't find anywhere else! [4:42mins]


Wicked Scenery: the Oz Head

Explore the inner workings of the Oz Head. Enter the Wizard's throne room and see the magnificent set piece up close!


Staging Cirque du Soleil: The technology behind 'O'

One of the longest-running shows in Las Vegas, "O" by Cirque du Soleil is a marvel of choreography and technical detail. But what goes into putting a show onstage when that stage is a 1.5-million gallon pool of water?


Working in the theatre: Scenic design

Follow the journey of Tony and Obie Award Winner Beowulf Boritt and Obie and Hewes Design Award winner Mimi Lien as they explore the process of a Scenic Designer. Find out how they got started, what it takes to work in this profession, and how the scenic design is informed through collaboration with many other key members of the theater.

Subjects: Creative industries / Acting, drama and technical production
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