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Find trusted information via the Web


Searching Google is a great way to find general information on your topic. Watch the video below for some tips to improve your Google searches.




Google's advanced search allows you to narrow the parameters of your search and helps you to search more effectively. Use the tips below to create a powerful Google search.

Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar to find scholarly papers including journal articles, conference papers, theses, technical reports and some ebooks. Google Scholar also has a good coverage of open access publications. 

You can set up Google Scholar to link to Fulltext@QUT, which will allow you to access the entire text of journal articles that are available through a QUT Library database.

The Fulltext@QUT link appears automatically when browsing Google Scholar on campus. To access this function when you're off-campus:

  1. Go to Google Scholar | Settings | Library Links
  2. Search for "QUT"
  3. Tick "Queensland University of Technology- Fulltext@QUT" and save.