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Find patents and standards

What is a patent?

A patent is a legally enforceable right granted to the inventor of a new device, substance, method or process. Patents give the inventor exclusive rights to commercially exploit his or her invention and protect inventors against others making, using, importing or selling their invention without permission.

For more information on Patents see the Patents subject guide.

Finding patents

Most patents can be found using freely available online patent databases.

What are standards?

Finding standards

Australian standards

Standards Australia is the national standards body for Australia. 

A complete collection of current Australian Standards (AS) is available via the Techstreet Enterprise platform.


International, European and British standards

You can access International and British standards through:


Industry standards

The library also provides access to standards created by industry bodies and professional associations. Many industry standards are freely available through the relevant industry or association website. However, if you are unable to find the industry standard you are looking for the library also provides access to a number of databases of industry standards for engineering, aerospace and materials and accounting and financial reporting.