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Hints for keeping up to date

Current awareness services

A number of sites allow you to subscribe to email alerting services or RSS feeds to inform you of developments in your field. You can find out more about these services here .

These sites provide access to some specific alerting services or feeds you may find useful.

Case Law

Queensland Supreme Court Recent Judgments Feed (RSS)

Queensland Law Reporter Published by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for the State of Queensland.

Judgments and Decisions Enhanced (JADE)

Queensland Legal Updater (Weekly service provided by the Supreme Court of Queensland Library. Content includes significant cases, legislation updates and other items of interest)


OQPC Weekly Legislation Alerts (Weekly update on changes to Qld Legislation)

ComLaw new/changed Acts and Bills (Set up an account then specify the information you would like to subscribe to.)

General Legal Updating Services

Australian Parliament Feeds - RSS (Includes feeds for inquiries, Bills Digest and other parliamentary business)

Mondaq (Select jurisdictions and topics of interest to create your feeds. You will need to register to access the updating services)

NewLaw - Lawyers Weekly (Australian legal news)

Tools to help you manage your feeds

These services can help you manage the flow of news from various feeds you subscribe.

Bloglines Reader

News Blur


Blogs and Social Media

The following sources provide lists of and links to law blogs and other social networking sites which you may find useful.

Finding Australian Law Blogs by Melissa Castan - posted on the Amicae Curiae site.This post by Melissa Castan lists numerous useful Australian blogs organised by subject.

Top 20 Legal Bloggers 2011: the list from Lawyers Weekly

64 (and more) Australian Legal Tweeters by Melissa Castan - posted on the Amicae Curiae site


These sites bring together useful links for legal practitioners and members of the public.

Findlaw Australia (Thomson Reuters)

Fee Fie Foe Firm : search engine for legal services