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Books and ebooks

Getting started

QUT library has a wide range of information resources that will help you with your assignments, research and study. Use this subject guide to find relevant resources on human movement and exercise.

Recommended titles

Reference sources are a good starting point for a subject area, as they can help to clarify concepts and keywords, as well as provide an overview of a topic. They include dictionaries, encyclopaedias, directories, handbooks, manuals and textbooks.

Subject headings

To find books on a topic, a good starting point is to perform a keyword search in the library catalogue. Once you have found an item that looks relevant, you can then click on the subject headings assigned to that record to link to similar items. Alternatively, use the following subject headings in the library catalogue to find relevant resources.

Subjects: Health
Tags: biomechanics, exercise, exercise_prescription, health, human_movement, physical_fitness, sport