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This guide is highly recommended for students enrolled in UDB301 - Research Methods 

Quick and Smart Catalogue Searching

Quick:  Use any keyword(s) or beginning title words to search, locate and access books, ebooks, DVD's and other library resources.

  Having found a highly relevant item, copy the Subject tags into a fresh Search to find similar items (select the Subject option from the drop-down menu). Or click on the tags to browse Subject lists for relevant items. Some useful ones are:

  • Geographic information systems
  • Remote Sensing
  • Global Positioning System
  • Spatial Analysis Statistics
  • Aerial Photogrammetry
  • Signal Processing
  • Surveying
  • Digital Mapping
  • Cartography
  • Human Geography


    Download/View how to use Subject terms

      For even greater flexibility, use the drop-down menus in Advanced Search, enter the subject, and then add keywords to other search boxes to refine your search.

    Key Resources


    For printed Australian topographic maps in QUT Library, search using the 100K MAP No. to be found here. For example, searching for 'Ipswich' finds: '9442'. Using these map numbers in the search box on this page finds relevant 1:100,000 and 1:25,000 maps.

    For finding maps online and other mapping applications, try here 

    New Books

    A selection of new resources purchased for Civil Engineering and the Built Environment.  Click on View Website below for a full list.

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