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Team Work

Working well in a group

For two of your assignments you have been asked to work in a group. It is important to make sure your group is organised to ensure that the preparation of your assignment runs smoothly. 

Tips for creating a great team:

  • Make a team charter
    The team charter is an agreement among all team members. You can find the team charter template on the Blackboard site for EGB100.
  • Distribute tasks evenly among all team members
    Discuss who will do what tasks. You might even want to make a team agreement checklist.
  • Meet regularly
    Work out a meeting time that suits all team members and schedule regular meetings, ideally once a week.
  • Have an agenda for your meeting and take minutes
    Take notes at all your meets and distribute these to team members to make sure you stay on track. You can use this Agenda and Minutes template.
  • Communicate regularly with your team mates
    Discuss and agree on a mode of communication that works for all team members. Make sure that you communicate at least once a week.
  • Share and work on your assignment using collaborative technologies 
    There are many collaborative technologies that you can use for your team work. Here are some suggestions:
     - Google Drive (collaborative writing)
     - Dropbox (file sharing)
     - Padlet (online discussion board)
     - Trello (collaborative space for discussion and file sharing).
  • Review your contribution to the team
    Use the questions on the Team Work Review template to evaluate your effectiveness as a team member.

For more help with creating an effective team check out these useful PowerPoint slides.

Team Learning Modules

QUT also has Team Learning modules. These are designed to prepare you to achieve your team project goals. Each module presents ideas, information, explanations about working in teams and includes quizzes and other activities.

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