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Resources for the club

Discussion starters

Oprah: Best Book Club Questions - 62 questions, such as:

General: Did reading the book impact your mood? If yes, how so?

Non-fiction: What did you Google while reading the book?

Fiction: Guess the characters' zodiac signs.

Mystery: Did you guess the ending? If so, at what point?

Romance: What do you think happens to the leads after the ending?

Memoir: Do you think the author was honest?

101 questions from Libromaniacs such as:

Generic: Is this the kind of book that you can read a little bit of before going to bed? Or is this the kind of book that demands some concentrated reading time?

Fiction structure: Was the book more plot driven or more character driven?

Author's PoV: What did you think of the official synopsis of the book? Was it an accurate representation of your experience?

Plotting: Were there elements of the plot that were a stretch? And if so, were you able to suspend your disbelief?

Characters: If you could choose a character to be, which character would you choose?

Thrillers: Were you able to follow the twists?

Romance: Well, will they live happily ever after, or not?

Sci-Fi: What lessons from the book are relevant to our current space and time?

Non-fiction: Why were you interested in this topic? And did the book answer your questions?

109 questions from Literary Lifestyle such as:

Plot: Were there any holes in the plot?

Setting: Have you ever been to a location of this book?

Ending: Were you able to “guess” the ending?

Did you Google anything about the book while reading it?

Who would you cast in a movie about this book?

Running the club

Suggestions by LibroManiacs are covered in more depth on their site

1. Consider Who Will Be Allowed into the Group

2. Determine Where You’ll Meet

3. Decide How to Handle Food & Drink

4. Decide How Books Get Chosen

5. Agree Upon Participation Rules

6. How to Keep Your Book Club Organized

Suggestions are covered in more detail on the LibroManiacs site

1. You Need To Read the Book (…or Do You?)

2. Come Prepared to Discuss the Book

3. Make Sure to RSVP

4. Practice Respectful Honesty

5. Don’t Hog the Conversation

6. Don’t Sit Out the Conversation

7. Determine a Fair Process for Which Books to Read

8. Be Open to Books You Don’t Think You’ll Like

9. Practice Active Listening

10. Contribute to the Social & Friendship Aspects of Book Club

Suggestions by LibroManiacs are covered in more depth on their site

1. Set Some Guardrails

2. Go For Diversity and Variety

3. Agree Upon Who Gets to Choose the Book

4. Agree Upon How Far in Advance to Choose Books

5. Consider Doing at Least One Wild Card Month

6. Use Books Lists and Guides

7. Look at Book Club Challenges

8. Use your Library’s Resources

9. Ask on Social Media

10. Check Out the Celebrity Book Clubs