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Professional Networks

Many external bodies span a range of disciplines and welcome designers from other areas to their events. Most have Queensland or Brisbane chapters. Levels of access to resources, membership and cost vary, some are free whilst others have heavily reduced rates for students. Some bodies specifically cater to students developing into professional practice, whilst others are more focused at those already in professional practice.

  • The QUT Creative Lab is at the forefront of building high impact, transdisciplinary research and creative practice at QUT:
  • The QUT Design Lab is a research lab which fosters transdisciplinary design collaborations dedicated to Change by Design: and
  • The Foundry is a startup incubator and coworking space, offering QUT community a hub for learninga and/or doing entrepreneurship
  • Women in Technology at QUT

These are led by staff and or students, some supported through the QUT Student Guild, whilst others are established around research collaborations or popular themes, such as the Sketching group, or hubs for entrepreneurship.

  • BADC Brisbane Advertising and design club
  • Ixda Interaction Design Association (aimed at Vis Comm students/weekly newsletter)
  • Auxilary Design School (introduces high school or young designers to specialized programs for specific design disciplines, weekly to monthly programs to give skills and experience to young individuals)
  • IDF Interaction Design (community connections, practice, worldwide)
  • Australian Production Design Guild
  • My First Architecture Job

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  • Creative Industries Society:     All QUT student societies:
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