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Journal Articles

Finding Journal Articles

Search for scholarly and peer reviewed journals using the law databases:

Revise Module 2 of StudySmart to refresh your knowledge of searching for literature.

These search techniques can be used across library search tools, databases and search engines. Check the Help screens of the search tool to understand which operators and syntax are valid.

An example of using boolean operators to combine keywords and synonyms:

(Solicitor* OR Lawyer* OR "legal professional*" OR attorney) AND ((personal OR inappropriate) /5 relationship*)

Additional search tips here for locating articles.

Australian Journal Article Datatases

An index of articles from over 400 legal journals covering all aspects of law from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific.

Searches search all Informit fulltext collections Including:

  • Attorney General's Information Service (AGIS) (via Informit) This link opens in a new window 
  •  AGIS Plus Text and Australian Public Affairs Fulltext (APAFT) (via Informit) 


Australian legal materials including key Australian journal articles written by expert lawyers.

Covers all practice areas including Profession and Ethics.  Use the Advance Search form to get the most relevant results.


This is the new version of Westlaw AU. The previous version will remain available until the end of June 2021. Don't forget to update your HiQ launchpad with the new Westlaw (Australia).

Australian legal material including Law Review and Journals. Use the Advance Search form to get the most relevant results.


Freely available website for finding key Australian legal information including legal journals.

Also includes secondary legal publications such as law reform and royal commission reports.


International Journal Article Databases

United States based legal research database.

Includes Legal journals for both US Journals and Periodicals and American Bar Association Journals.

Also includes International and Non-US Law Journals including selected Australian.

Select the database for the relevant jurisdiction and use the advanced search form.


Recommended for secondary legal material including journals covering US, Canada, UK, EU plus Australia. 


Only three (3) people can access this at one time.

Legal publications focusing on American and international journals, including all major U.S. law reviews.

Subjects: Law