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QUT cite|write

cite_write screen

QUT cite|write is a complete resource designed to assist you to cite, reference and write well at university.

When to reference

  1. Directly quoting text 
  2. Paraphrasing a chunk of text in your own words
  3. Summarising an article, a book chapter, an idea
  4. Using a graph, table or photo

APA with Numbers

Assessment 2 Management Briefing requires that you use numbers in your in text citation. The first citation in the text is labeled 1, the second citation is 2 etc. instead of (Author, date). 

The reference list is ordered by numbers 1, 2, 3, with the full reference. But you can used APA style for the reference itself (to keep things simple).

This is not numbered style because numbered uses a different way of writing full references to APA. 

YouTube videos on how to reference government reports