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Databases for Management

What you need to find & use

  • Scholarly books & ebooks - good starting point
  • Peer reviewed academic journal articles (e.g. Academy of Management journals)
  • Good quality trade magazine articles (e.g. Harvard Business Review, The Economist)
  • Industry data, statistics & reports

"Peer reviewed" means that:

  • Written by experts 
  • An editor and one or more subject specialists review the article before it is published
  • Accurate information
  • Well-researched
  • Contributes to knowledge in a field
  • Mainly journal articles
  • Published in legitimate journals
  • Trust the information given is accurate and reputable

Search tips

  • Use the keywords not the entire question
  • Link your keywords together into an effective search
    • AND: combine concepts. Smartphone AND Australia
    • OR: connect synonyms. Smartphone OR mobile 
    • (nesting): keeps terms together
    • (smartphone OR mobile) AND Australia
    • “phrase search”: “integrated marketing communication”
    • Truncat*: Search on the stem of the word


Attributes of an Academic Journal

  • Most current research
  • Abstract – a summary of the article 
  • Author has academic credentials & associated to institutions
  • Structured & formal language
  • Discussion & Conclusion can be the most useful
  • Bibliography or Reference List – useful to see more papers
  • Charts, statistics & specialised vocabulary

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Subjects: Business / Accountancy, Business / Management and human resources
Tags: accounting, AYN506, business, financial analysis