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QUT APA citation style is the required referencing style for this subject. APA style involves citing resources in-text as well as in your reference list.

QUT Cite|Write has detailed information about APA style and examples of in-text citations and reference lists. 

Referencing documents

Reports from Government departments

See the Public documents section of CiteWrite for information and examples of citing Corporate/government reports. 

Lecture slides and other sources that are not publicly available

CiteWrite has a section on QUT Resources and Personal Communication that includes information on how to cite Blackboard unit materials, journal articles from QUT Readings and personal communications. 

Only include an intext citation for personal communications including letters, memos, personally conducted and unpublished interviews and electronic messages that aren't publically archived. These materials aren't included in the reference list as they can't be traced by the reader. 

Incorporating images, diagrams, tables and maps

The figure you use should be direcly relevant to the content of your assignment and be correctly referenced.

  • In text: "As illustrated in Figure 20.23, the general vegetative regions of North America can be determined…" 
  • Provide the image with a caption (i.e. Figure 2.  General vegetative regions in North America. Adapted from "Map use: Reading analysis interpretation," by A.J. Kimerling, A.R. Buckley, P.C. Muehrcke, and J.O. Muehrchke, 2012, California: Esri Press Academic, p. 457.
  • If an online source, provide a link to the URL 
  • Provide the full reference in the reference list eg. 
    Kimmerling, A. J., Buckley, A. R., Muehrcke, P.C., Muehrcke, J. O. (2012). Map use: Reading analysis interpretation, California: Esri Press Academic.


Subjects: Engineering / Civil engineering
Tags: engineering writing, referencing, report writing