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Build content: Silver

1. Build your QUT Staff Profile

Add your:

  • Research priority areas
  • Teaching
  • Awards
  • Supervision
  • Other profile URLs
  • Social media profiles

2. Build your ORCiD Profile

Add your:

  • Aliases
  • Research areas
  • Grants
  • Website links - example
  • Additional publications not in ePrints
  • Other profile IDs and URLs


3. Create additional profiles and interlink them

There are other locations where a researcher profile can be established in order to promote and disseminate your work.Below is a list of other locations where you can establish a profile. All these locations can help promote your work and some of them help when it comes to applying for grants. 



4. Use networking tools

Connect with other researchers.

5. Use social media

Through social media you can promote both yourself and your research. This can help your career in a number of ways including gaining employment opportunities, applying for research grants and networking with other people both within and outside your research fields. You can also use social media to promote the work of your colleagues.

If you are new, it is a an idea to follow a successful researcher that is active regularly on social media platforms. For examples see the list below.