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Finding books on a topic

Finding books on a topic - Keywords that work!

Use the Classroom resources search

For books about teaching, use keywords like - Combine with 'limiting' keywords like -  Or keywords that describe format or genre - 
  • children's literature 
  • reading
  • literacy
  • storytelling
  • comprehension
  • language arts
  • grammar
  • study
  • teaching
  • classroom
  • early childhood
  • primary
  • elementary
  • secondary
  • juvenile fiction
  • juvenile literature (means nonfiction)
  • picture books
  • big books
  • young adult
  • poetry
  • graphic novels

If you want to refine your search results to a particular type of resource, look to the window on the left

Filter you results image

  • Publication date
  • Select a format e.g. Books & ebooks
  • Genre - You can select more than one
    Juvenile Fiction
    Young Adult Fiction
    Juvenile Literature (for Juvenile Non Fiction)
    Pictorial Works (includes Picture books)
    Picture Books