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Finding books on a topic

Finding books on a topic - Keywords that work!

For books about teaching, use keywords like Combine with 'limiting' keywords like Or keywords that describe format or genre
  • children's literature 
  • reading
  • literacy
  • storytelling
  • comprehension
  • language arts
  • grammar
  • study
  • teaching
  • classroom
  • early childhood
  • primary
  • elementary
  • secondary
  • juvenile fiction
  • juvenile literature (for nonfiction)
  • picture books
  • big books
  • young adult
  • poetry
  • graphic novels

If you want to find resources to use in the classroom use the Classroom resources search


The Filters Genre and Target Audience are unique to the Classroom resources search

  • Publication date
  • Select a format e.g. Books & ebooks
  • Genre - You can select more than one
    Juvenile Fiction
    Young Adult Fiction
    Juvenile Literature (for Juvenile Non Fiction)
    Pictorial Works (includes Picture books)
    Picture Books
  • Target Audience - You can select more than one
    Early Childhood


Subjects: Creative industries / Creative writing, Education / Teaching English, Education / Teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL), Education / Teaching the Arts
Tags: children, education, literature