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Exploring the Literature

A good overview of the literature enables you to:

Flowchart of search process

  • Identify important works and information relevant to your topic
  • Identify noted authors and centres of research
  • Get an unbiased/balanced perspective on your topic
  • Have a balance of scholarly and professional literature
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel
  • Increase your knowledge of a subject area
  • Provide intellectual content to support your own work.

You need effective search skills to undertake a thorough literature review.

This guide is intended to assist you in building your research skills. 

Research Methods & texts

Plan Your Search

Search strategies

Find Peer-Reviewed Literature

Find Resources Through References and Citations

Find Reliable Information on the Web

How to Evaluate Information

Reading and Note-taking

Writing - Paraphrasing and Synthesising



Before you start, listen below to Dr Zina O'Leary's "Am I the only one struggling to write a literature review?"