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Evaluating resources

The internet provides access to a large range of resources, although students are advised to consult original peer-reviewed material, published in reputable journals.  Where these journals are available on the internet, that is acceptable. If you choose to use web resources it is critical that you be able to evaluate quality, validity and usefulness of the resources you find.

Evaluating web resources

There is no shortage of information on the web, but making sense of the huge range of information available, and separating useful information from the junk is critical. These guidelines for evaluating information will help you with the evaluation process.

Searching smarter

Web search engines are important tools for finding Government reports as well as resources from industry and professional organisations.

Advanced Search functionality available in search engines saves time and increases relevancy of results. Try using the Advanced Search options in Google to:

  • Search by file type - i.e. PDF (documents without intro web page content)
  • Search by domain - i.e. (useful for locating government reports)
  • Search by date

To see many other ways of refining your search in Google, view the video below [~14 mins].