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Play-Testing Games in the Library

Borrowing Video and Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Play in the Games Lab

The Games Lab is located on Level 4 of the Kelvin Grove Library, and is a great place to playtest a variety of popular games via Playstation and Xbox consoles.

[image] Interior image of the games lab level 4 of the kelvin grove library this space is an open access communal space where you can play a variety of console games as research for your own game designs

Some of the most popular games for Xbox One and PS4 are installed on the Games Lab consoles, ready to play. Game controllers, Playstation virtual reality headsets and retro consoles can be borrowed from HiQ service point on level 2 of Kelvin Grove library.

Not at Kelvin Grove? No worries!

Remember, you can place a hold on a title at Kelvin Grove and request it to be transferred to Garden's Point. You can find out more about placing holds and intercampus requests here.

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