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Times Higher Education - Have you registered?

Keep up to date with the latest news from the higher education sector across the globe via Time Higher Education. QUT Library provides access and registration to the Times Higher Education for all QUT staff and students.

Here's how you can register:

  • Go to the Times Higher Education and click on the Register option (top right corner)
  • Fill in the registration form making sure you register with your email address (do not use a non-QUT email).
  • Choose a username and password. Please note: the username you choose will be publically displayed if you leave comments on articles.
  • Once you have submitted your registration form you will receive a confirmation email from Times Higher Education (if it does not appear, please check your clutter of junk email folders)

Access via mobile device

Read the latest news from Time Higher Education on your mobile device by downloading the Times Higher Education app for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices.

Getting the most from your Financial Times subscription

QUT Library provides full access to the Financial Times, UK’s leading financial newspaper. Registration is simple through the link on the QUT Library page, and it allows you to configure FT to your topics of interest and subscribe to news alerts.  

Here are a couple of ways you can get the most out of your FT subscription:

  1. Receive daily updates from FT on topics that interest you

In addition to reading through today’s news headlines, your subscription allows you to subscribe to topical newsletters curated by FT’s editors and delivered daily or weekly to your inbox.  There are nearly 50 newsletters for choose from, including:

  • FT Brexit Briefing – latest news on Brexit (daily)
  • #fintechFT – digital disruption of the financial services sector (weekly)
  • Due diligence – top stories and analysis on M&A deals and dealmakers (daily, Tues-Fri)
  • FT Free Trade – trends and analysis of trade issues (weekly)
  • Market Forces – update on what’s behind movements in global markets (daily)
  • Commodities Note – news from commodities markets, including price trends and analysis (daily)
  • ETFs – news about exchange traded funds (daily)
  • FTfm – news and analysis on the global fund management industry (weekly)
  1. Access FT on your phone or mobile device

Download the Ft app from the App Store or the Google Play to access the FT app and read articles on the go, or save to read later.

Resources for teaching: Videos on research methods and data analysis from CARMA

The CARMA Video Library provides a useful collection of videos on topics related to research methods and data analysis for use in teaching for by researchers.  Video titles available include:

  • Design and Measurement with Quantitative and Qualitative Data
  • Why and How to Replace Statistical Significance Tests with Better Methods
  • Event sampling methods
  • Conducting Meta-Analytic Structural Equation Modeling with R

The videos range from introductory overviews of key concepts to more advanced levels suitable for post-graduate research students and researchers. 

CARMA Video Library is provided by the Consortium for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

Updated: Economics and Finance Subject Guides

Ummm …. what’s a Subject Guide?

The Library subject guides are used by a range of library users. The guides help students identify a starting point for their assignment research, provide librarians with a ready-reference in their consultations with UG, PG and HDR students, and are used by external users of the library resources.  They are targeted at coursework students which is why you won’t find restricted databases (scuh as WRDS, Eikon, etc.) in these subject guides.  

What’s new in the Economics and Finance Subject Guides?

The Library’s guide to resources in the fields of Economics and Finance have been reviewed and updated. In both guides, you’ll see more focus on the key databases, with additional guidance on the financial and company information databases used by coursework students added to the finance guide.  

Please explore the Finance and Economics subject guides, and feel free to add them to your unit’s Blackboard site.

Australian SME industry reports now available in Ibisworld

Searching across the FT50 journals

There is no single database that will search across all the FT50 or Q1 or A8 journals but you can search across the ISSNs. The ISSN is unique to the journal, there may be a couple - one for the print & one for the online versions. 

So use these ISSNs to search on your topic across a number of major business databases - I would suggest ABI, Business Source Elite and Scopus

To search all 50 simultaneously copy and paste the following text into one of the search boxes and  after pasting the above journal list into the search box, use the corresponding dropdown menu to specify that you are looking for the publication field "ISSN"

ISSNs for the FT50:

00014273 OR 03637425 OR 00014826 OR 00018392 OR 00028282 OR 08239150 OR 00129682 OR 10422587 OR 00178012 OR 00904848 OR 10477047 OR 01654101 OR 00218456 OR 00219010 OR 01674544 OR 08839026 OR 10577408 OR 00935301 OR 00221082 OR 00221090 OR 0304405* OR 00472506 OR 00222380 OR 00222429 OR 00222437 OR 02726963 OR 00223808 OR 00251909 OR 07322399 OR 02767783 OR 10477039 OR 01708406 OR 10591478 OR 00335533 OR 13806653 OR 08939454 OR 0019848* OR 01432095 OR 07421222 OR 00920703 OR 15234614 OR 15723097 OR 01492063 OR 03613682 OR 00187267 OR 02726963 OR 15265463 OR 07495978 OR 15265455 OR 10477039 OR 00487333 OR 00346527 OR 1467937X OR 1932443X

You can do this with other lists e.g. ABDC list of A* journals (ISSN included) or you could manually bring this together from a Q1 subject list in Scimago

Thank you to Tahrima Ferdous for pointing out this approach from Georgia State University Library

HSTalks: Selected lectures & case studies for teaching & learning

These are subject-specific information with suggested content to support teaching and learning. 

There is a complimentary unit matching service, which is available  - interested academics can email the vendor (via the liaison or we can pass on their details), sending a copy of you syllabus or details of their taught programme and she will save them time by undertaking the research into The Business & Management Collection, to identify and suggest relevant talks, case studies and series to support  teaching. 

Please let your liaison librarian know if you'd like a presentation. 

Ibisworld modules

IBISWorld have released two complimentary modules  – no end date on their availability .

They appear like below:

  1. Business Environment Drivers

  1. Australian iExpert Collection

You’ll find these by opening an Industry report, then clicking on the light bulb icon on the left.

If you have any difficulties with the light bulb appearing, try a different browser – Edge seems to work best.

EIU to get new look & new content

  • Forecast for the global economy - Politics, economics and market-moving topics
  • Daily insights - Developments that impact the future outlook
  • Political and economic analysis - Examination of key trends in each country
  • Medium-term country forecasts ~200 countries’ political and economic landscapes
  • Long-term country forecasts -The structural trends shaping ~80 major economies
  • Industry analysis and data - Demand and supply outlook for six major industries
  • Commodity forecasts -The supply, demand and prices of 40 critical goods
  • Macroeconomic indicators database - Economic data series up to 320 variables per country
  • Proprietary ratings - Measuring the attractiveness of the business environment