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Search across almost all of the library's fulltext articles, ebooks, books and more.


  1.  Select the key words from your assignment topic - think of the terms you've been learning about in lectures. 
  2. Filter the results -
  • limit to the last 3 years
  • limit to peer-reviewed - journal articles OR books & e-books

What you need to find & use

  • Scholarly books & ebooks - good starting point
  • Peer reviewed academic journal articles (e.g. International Journal of Cross Cultural Management)
  • Good quality trade magazine articles (e.g. Harvard Business Review, The Economist)
  • Industry data, statistics & reports

"Peer reviewed" means that:

  • An editor and one or more subject specialists review the article before it is published
  • Accurate information
  • Well-researched
  • Contributes to knowledge in a field

Mainly journal articles

Using the Advanced Search in Google Scholar

Subjects: Business / Advertising, marketing and public relations
Tags: bsb126, marketing